Fireside Chat Events

Fireside Chat: Smart Business Transformation
ACE International Centre
February 8, 2018
Fundamental changes in customer behaviour have taken place in recent years. New players have disrupted incumbents in industries such as trade & retail. Backed by a strong business model and a customer-centric approach, the new players are able to harness technology for scale and speed of innovation. How can SMEs participate in this new digital economy...
HeadStart Fireside Chats 2018
Skysuites @ Equinox
March 2, 2018
Organised by HeadStart, Fireside Chats 2018 is a series of fireside chats conducted to engage university undergraduates with TOP COMPANIES to understand their culture as well as to find out more about the available Internships and Fresh Graduate Positions. Interact with the senior management of these Top Companies and network with the employees to gain insights into the company’s culture...