Networking Events

MedTech: From Concept to Commercialisation
May 31, 2019
Singapore is seen as the gateway to Southeast Asia’s MedTech market and Denmark is well-known for Medicon Valley – Europe’s leading hub for medical and welfare technology. As regional springboards with critical mass of best-in-class companies and startups, how can Singapore and Denmark pave the way for more solutions to reach the markets and patients?...
IoT, AI and Computer Vision: Building solutions using Tensor Flow 2.0, with Google
May 11, 2019
Google’s TensorFlow, AutoML, CloudIoT are transforming IoT applications development In this weekend session, join us with the experts who will share insights on deep learning, machine learning and AI using  Google technologies and how we can enable complex IoT applications. Various industry examples such as in autonomous vehicles, computer vision using ConvNets will be shared. WHEN: Saturday,...
Healthcare AI: Explainable AI as a Service for Community Healthcare
Health technologies are changing fast, posing these pressing questions for healthcare and IT leaders – What they should expect to come next and how they should evolve. Join us as we hear from front-runners of corporates, hospitals and universities in Singapore on Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence. This session includes keynote presentations and a panel discussion where...
Employable in 2030: Closing the Skills Gap
April 22, 2019
What jobs will exist in 2030? Come along and hear from a panel of industry leaders on how to stay relevant in the rapidly changing space for 2030 and beyond… We’ve assembled panel of industry leaders to give you the low-down on future-proofing your career. Our panelists will cover which jobs are currently facing automation,...
HR Lunchtime Talk – Employee benefits: Too much, too little?
February 28, 2019
What are some highly effective team perks and employee benefits that a startup budget can afford? Well-planned workplace perks and benefits can raise the productivity level of the team, attract talents and retain them. But how do you ensure that the perks introduced are helping you to achieve your organisational goals without harming the bottom...
Rising Stars in HealthTech: Data & Artificial Intelligence
February 25, 2019
SGInnovate, General Assembly and Galen Growth Asia are teaming up for a series of events with some of the SE Asia most inspiring healthtech founders and leaders. The February topic is data and AI in healthcare. In healthcare, AI and related technologies (like machine learning) can be used to gain insight into a patient’s medical...
Career Fast Track: Opportunities in Data Analytics & Data Science
March 14, 2019
Data Analysts and Scientists are the hottest properties in technology. The data industry is booming. Skills are in high demand and a lack of skilled professionals is means that you get to define your own career trajectory. Meet the experts working in these fields in Singapore across the globe, and learn about you can get...
Meet Sydney in Singapore
January 14, 2019
Come along to speak one on one with the University of Sydney’s regional representative staff, and learn everything you need to know about studying at the University of Sydney, including entry requirements, course details, fees and scholarships, accommodation, and more. Register now, as places are limited – please select only ONE timeslot for yourself. Parents/guests are welcome...
JUMPstart Huddle
November 29, 2018
We are pleased to invite you to our annual JUMPstart Huddle. Since 2016, JUMPstart has actively worked with 11 young MedTech new ventures from NUS & NTU to build value in their business. Testament to our approach is two of our new ventures are on their way to commercial launch of their products in first markets...
IESE Alumni & Friends Panel Discussion: Demystifying Blockchain
December 4, 2018
PROGRAM OVERVIEW How is blockchain technology being applied to transform traditional approaches to doing business and engaging with communities? Often newcomers to blockchain associate it with Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies, and may not fully appreciate that this is just a partial use-case of blockchain. The aim of this session is to bring forth the first hand...