NUS-ISS StackUp Talk: Flask-Express – A Head-to-Head Comparison

Flask or Express? JavaScript or Python? Which of these 2 web framework to use for your next web application? Can’t decide?

Join us in this free session and learn about these 2 popular web framework. We will build a web application (live!) using both Express and Flask side-by-side. We will showoff their features, discuss the language and delve into the useful libraries that makes life easier for the developer.

In the course of building the web application, we will discuss and show the following:

  • Environment and setup
  • General structure of an application
  • Serving static resources
  • Handling request
  • Using templates to generate dynamic responses
  • Accessing database
  • RESTful web service

Don’t know what are Express or Flask? See the following:
Express –
Flask –


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NUS-ISS StackUp Talk: Flask-Express - A Head-to-Head Comparison
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