MasterClass: How to Build an Enduring Brand @ SkillsFuture Festival 2018



Do you know the difference between branding and marketing? Is your business commanding premium brand value?

In partnership with SkillsFuture Festival 2018, Yulia Saksen, co-author of branding book Are You Brand Dead? will conduct a Branding MasterClass where she will unravel the mystery of branding through practical examples and interactive activities, and introduce methodologies so you can build a strong brand for your business.

Highlights of this MasterClass include:

  • What exactly is a brand?
  • What great brands do differently from mediocre brands
  • The BrandBuilder™ methodology to building a strong brand for your business
  • How to create the ideal brand position that will differentiateyou from your competitors
  • How to improve your brand experience through customer journey mapping
  • A signed copy of branding book Are You Brand Dead?
  • Q&A with our brand consultants

*Light refreshments will be provided before and after the MasterClass*

*Admission is free upon registration*

Who is this seminar for?

  • Professionals involved in brand development, marketing and change management
  • Business owners looking for a major edge in increasingly competitive markets
  • Entrepreneurs who wants to know how to create a strong brand foundation

About The Trainer

Yulia Saksen

Yulia transforms client’s businesses through her role as an experienced consultant and strategist. She was awarded the Business Entrepreneur Award and is a frequent keynote speaker on branding and creative thinking. She received her Master Degree in Design at Domus Academy in Milan.

About SkillsFuture Festival 2018

The SkillsFuture Festival aims to inspire Singaporeans to develop a passion for learning and pursue skills mastery.

Supported by a network of partners, the month-long festival brings about different facets of SkillsFuture and offers a myriad of unique experiential learning experiences for young learners, working professionals, and active agers at various locations across Singapore. Participants can look forward to a choice spread of panel discussion, workshops, talks, exhibitions, innovative learning and lifestyle events during this period.

About Creativeans

Creativeans {pronounced Cre-a-ti-veans | kriːˈeɪti:/ vi.ən/}

Creativeans is an interdisciplinary design and branding consultancy based in Singapore, Milan and Jakarta. Our mission is to make the world a more creative place. Established by Creativeans, C-Academy is its educational and research arm that provides organisations and individuals with the knowledge and tools to develop their own creative strengths.

As this is conducted in a workshop setting, seats are very limited. Please register your interest today.

MasterClass: How to Build an Enduring Brand @ SkillsFuture Festival 2018
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