Mastercard Innovation Lab Crawl 2018

Since its inception in 2012, Mastercard Labs in Singapore has been the hub of innovation in Asia Pacific, bringing smart, innovative payments and commerce solutions to market. During the same period, we have formed deep relationships with over 150 Fintech startups to solve the biggest industry challenges and scale the solutions for consumers, financial institutions, businesses, merchants, and governments. We are a team of technologists, designers, challengers, go-getters who work collaboratively with subject matter experts globally to dream up and execute next generation innovations in commerce. Where others take a “wait and see” approach; we are more likely to say “let’s make it happen”.

We see tomorrow, today.

Mastercard has served as the launch pad for industry-changing solutions, standards and products that simplify and safeguard how we pay for things across all stakeholders around the world. We are pioneers in modernizing cities and transit systems, in empowering IoT devices to become commerce devices, discovering new ways of optimizing business to business transactions, and moving to a smarter world without passwords.

Join us for a tour of Mastercard and experience how innovation is at the heart of what we do and how we collaborate with Fintechs to shape the future. Learn about the Future of Everything (commerce, banking, devices, security, acceptance et. al.) and how you can tap on Mastercard’s expertise, network and digital payment solutions to impact your business and customers positively.

[15 NOV] Mastercard Innovation Lab Crawl 2018
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[16 NOV] Mastercard Innovation Lab Crawl 2018
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