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Mobile sensing: Transforming consumer experiences
Global BBA 
Speaker: Prof. Reetika Gupta
Associate Academic Director, Global BBA program

The ubiquitous smartphone, embedded with a variety of sensors, such as accelerometer, compass and Bluetooth, allows us to gain insights into consumer activities and behaviours. Learn how such mobile sensing and IoT technology, coupled with the ubiquitous use of phones by consumers, presents new opportunities for marketers to provide personalized products and immersive experiences to consumers.

Innovation to survive
Master in Management
Speaker: Prof. Xavier Pavie
Associate Academic Director, MSc in Management
Teaching Professor, Operations Management Department

This master class focuses on understanding and managing innovation in organizations by examining the relationships between organizational structure, group dynamics and individual psychology in problem-solving processes. In this session, we shall explore the models of innovation, the strategic management of research and development, as well as the role of innovation in organizations. Drawing from leading innovators’ experiences, the master class examines how firms go about organizing their various sectors and activities for innovation, particularly in the context of complexity, high level of competition and digital revolution.

Leading complexity: Reframing your leadership
Global MBA

Speaker: Prof. Aarti Ramaswami
Deputy Dean, ESSEC Asia-Pacific
Academic Director, Global MBA

Acknowledging that companies are constantly subjected to destabilizing forces, being vigilant, and observant about complex environments and forces is crucial to leaders’ effectiveness. Leadership teams then require not only sufficient diversity in perspectives, but also the cognitive agility in managing change, and being able to flip leadership frames to get all the information they need from the environment to be ultimately effective, inspiring, and innovating. The goal of this session is to identify participants’ dominant leadership frames and how to strategically think about complex organizational situations. Through a self-audit exercise and an interactive approach, they will explore the implications of their leadership frames for their personal and organizational effectiveness.

Driving Purposeful Business through Digital Innovation
ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA Asia-Pacific
Speaker: Prof. Jan Ondrus
Associate Dean of Faculty, ESSEC Asia-Pacific
Associate Professor, Information Systems, Decision Sciences and Statistics Department

Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Uber, Airbnb……all have something in common. They successfully operate digital platform business models that scale at an unprecedented pace. These companies conduct business beyond their respective industry boundaries. They became an ecosystem orchestrators driven by purpose. In an ecosystem strategy, value sharing is bound to be more inclusive, and therefore more sustainable. As a result, the rules of doing business are radically different from the ones used by traditional companies. Classic business concepts such as industry and value chain became irrelevant. More than ever, business leaders need to understand the fundamentals of platform and ecosystem strategic thinking to thrive in the digital age.

Marketing in the Age of Big Data: How “Big” Makes A Difference
MSc in Marketing and Digital
Speaker: Prof. Tuck S. (Jonah) CHUNG
Associate Academic Director, MSc in Marketing Management and Digital
Associate Professor, Marketing Department

Companies are revolutionizing the way sales and marketing are done by tapping into the power of predictive analytics. Learn how Big Data is revolutionizing the future of sales and marketing, and how predictive analytics is different using big data as compared to conventional data.

How Investors Can Beat the Market
Master in Finance
Speaker: Prof. Xu Peng
Associate Academic Director, Master in Finance

Do index funds really outperform fund managers? Studies have shown that beating the market turns out to be even harder than we thought. As a result, the notion that investors are better off investing in market indexes instead of hiring fund managers to run their investment portfolios has gained much traction in recent years.

With fund managers charging higher fees than index funds, the returns for active investors can be lower. Smart Beta is a new investment strategy that aims to capture return drivers through transparent and rule-based methodologies to produce better diversification and risk-adjusted returns. Learn more about these investment strategies and how they have affected investment trends in this master class.

Strategic Challenges for Brands Facing Complexity
Advanced Master Strategy & Management of International Business
Speaker: Prof. Anne-Flore MAMAN LARRAUFIE, Ph.D.
Academic Director MS SMIB – ESSEC
Co-academic Director Master MIPC – ESSEC/ISIPCA/UCP

Companies are revolutionizing the way sales and marketing are done by tapping into the power of predictive analytics. Learn how Big Data is revolutionizing the future of sales and marketing, and how predictive analytics is different using big data as compared to conventional data.

How will the next digital wave transform our future?
Master in Data Sciences & Business Analytics – ESSEC & CentraleSupélec

Speaker: Prof. Li Yan
Professor, Information Systems, Decision Sciences and Statistics Department

Digital technology is transforming every aspect of our life and the way we do business. While it is believed that “every business will become a digital business”, companies are desperately seeking talents with cutting-edge skills, knowledge and mindset to lead the transformation of their businesses in order to ride on the digital wave. In this seminar, we will explore how digital technology-driven products, services, and business models are disrupting industries and fundamentally altering business functions and the landscape of industries, as well as how our future will be impacted.

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