ESSEC Institute of Health Economics & Management APAC Workshop

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Information technologies are changing the healthcare sector landscape to a magnitude that is not yet fully measured, especially in Asia Pacific, where varying levels of income, healthcare resources and funding makes it even more challenging.

At a time when universal health coverage is expanding in the region in order to favor access to healthcare facilities and treatments, governments have to face profound changes in demographics and morbidity. Patient-centered digital health is viewed as an important way to overcome medical resource gaps, escalating costs and accelerate system efficiency.

This latest session in the series of ESSEC’s ‘Building New Perspectives’ workshops will focus on patient centred digital health innovations fostered by pharmaceuticals and medical devices companies, to understand whether this evolution is a natural continuum of their core activities, or rather a disruption of their core business models; we will discuss the implications across Asia Pacific countries in terms of public policies, from the industry, regulatory and reimbursement perspectives.

You are invited to attend this workshop conducted by the ESSEC Institute of Health Economics & Management Asia-Pacific, where you will get to:

  • Understand how digital innovation is fostering new organizational patterns, new business models and new client relationships in the healthcare products industries
  • Share experiences of development and deployment of patient-centred digital health solutions promoted by the pharma/medical devices companies and compare with solutions brought in by other stakeholders in the field (e.g., IT companies, start-ups, etc.)
  • Discuss the challenges of demonstrating value to stakeholders, and of enhancing sustainable business models




Date: 20 & 21 Apr 2018 

Time: 10 am – 5 pm (20 Apr); 8.30 am – 1 pm (21 Apr)

Venue: ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific at 5 Nepal Park Singapore 139408

Dress code: Business casual

Participation in this workshop is complimentary and by invitation only.

ESSEC Institute of Health Economics & Management APAC Workshop
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