Talk Events

FROM.IDEA.TO.STARTUP: Digital Marketing
December 19, 2018
Get to know the speaker! Cheak Hong Ian, Lead Consultant and Trainer, Council Consulting Cheak Hong Ian leads Council Consulting, a digital marketing training consultancy that helps companies build sustainable, scalable online ecosystems to reach their audiences with useful, engaging and decision-making content, anytime and anywhere. A Mass Communication graduate ACTA certified trainer with 10...
Career Talk: Career Options for Psychology Graduates
January 20, 2019
Ever wonder what are some of your career options when you graduate with a degree in Psychology? What are some of the important steps you could take to help you secure that dream job? What are some of the existing post-graduate courses that you could take? Free career assessment will be provided to all participants....
GA + SGInnovate: Women in HealthTech
December 6, 2018
At this event by SGInnovate and General Assembly, we host a panel of inspiring women leaders in HealthTech. Women leaders in the Health Care and Health Tech communities will break down the biggest challenges and opportunities they face with the rise of new technology, and explain how their teams adapt to the fast pace of...
Chatbots and Consumer Experience
November 27, 2018
In a recent study of 800 decision makers conducted by Oracle, 80% of respondents said they’ve already used chatbots or are planning to use chatbots by 2020. You’ve heard the word chatbot thrown around in the news and maybe you’ve talked to Alexa, but what you might not know is how chatbots can make a...
TEDx NTU 2018: Greater than the Sum of its Parts
Nanyang Auditorium
August 26, 2018
From a teeming mass of hot gas to the Blue Planet of Life, every second, our Earth ages, we let complexity pervade our lives a bit more, either by an act of nature or that of man. With the rapid progress of mankind, the term, ‘complex’ has come to occupy an ever-expanding meaning in the...
Adobe X General Assembly: Creative Jam “Recycling as a Lifestyle”
Adobe has teamed up with General Assembly Singapore to improve recycling in Singapore. This creative jam brings together designers and innovators to solve the “Recycling as a lifestyle” challenge and you are invited to meet the selected team and watch the final pitches. Challenge: Recycling as a lifestyle: Improve the experience of minimizing waste of...
NUS-ISS StackUp Talk: Flask-Express – A Head-to-Head Comparison
StackUp Studio 2
July 21, 2018
Flask or Express? JavaScript or Python? Which of these 2 web framework to use for your next web application? Can’t decide? Join us in this free session and learn about these 2 popular web framework. We will build a web application (live!) using both Express and Flask side-by-side. We will showoff their features, discuss the...
Career Conversations: Opportunities In Data Analytics & Data Science
If you are wondering what day-to-day life as a Data Scientist or Data Analyst would be like, join us for ‘Career Conversations: Data Science & Analytics’. We will talk about various career paths, top skills needed to succeed, companies in Chicago hiring for Data roles, good places to meet other Data Scientists and Analysts, and...
New Tech and Energy Companies of the Future
June 26, 2018
This session will focus on the intersection of new tech and energy companies of the future, which will be distributed and running on a digital backbone. We will discuss what are the different technology solutions and what are the capabilities they bring and how they will change the business models.   Speakers: Katarina Uherova Hasbani,...
ESSEC EMBA Speaker Series: How to attract, retain and develop millennials?
ESSEC Business School
April 26, 2018
Millennials are tech-savvy, adaptable, and creative. However, they have a unique set of expectations and demands: more than a paycheck, they want a sense of pride and fulfillment from their work, a purpose and importantly a company whose values match their own. In this presentation, Victoria Bethlehem, Head of Human Resources -Asia Pacific with The Adecco...