Seminar Events

Future of Talent
May 16, 2018
Join us in a lively discussion as our panellists, who bring with them very diverse experiences, explore if talent expectations and demands have truly changed over the years, which workplace skills would likely be more in demand in future, and how to recognise and measure such skills in the sea of ever changing workplace cultures...
Improving Productivity and Enhancing Careers with Phonetics
Lifelong Learning Institute
June 6, 2018
What is this programme about? One of the more common comments adults give after learning phonetics is that this skill should have been taught in schools. That is how powerful they feel phonetics is in building the foundation of speech. And the benefits of speaking well are immense. When we speak well, something magical happens....
SMU: Demystifying Digitisation and Analytics
Singapore Management University
March 29, 2018
Description In this talk, the speaker will share his knowledge and experiences in digitisation and analytics, crystallised into two frameworks for generalisable applications. Attendees will learn about the need for digitisation and analytics transformation, the key components that they encompass, and the challenges in executing them in an organization. With real-life applications as examples, the...
NTU: Digital Scholarship Workshop and Seminar Series (March and April 2018)
​Come and join in our digital scholarship workshop and seminar series!
AI Evening with IBM: Applied Deep Learning in Enterprise
March 21, 2018
High-impact deep learning applications from machine translation to self-driving cars are transforming the global economy, and enterprises have begun to deploy deep learning to unlock new opportunities and achieve a competitive and strategic advantage. Join SGInnovate and IBM as we explore the vast potential of deep learning through this four-part series. Deep Learning Potential and...
SkillsFuture Advice @ Central Singapore
The Creative Room
March 1, 2018
Start Your SkillsFuture Journey Today In today’s ever-changing society, how do you plan for your skills upgrading and lifelong learning? Join us at “SkillsFuture Programme @Central Singapore” to find out the importance of preparing ourselves for a new world of disruption. WHAT IS IT? SkillsFuture Advice Programme is a community outreach initiative to help Singaporeans understand the...
HSSE ‘Brown Bag’ Seminar by Dr. Daniela Schmeinck
Environmental Studies Lab
February 14, 2018
Abstract In the early years of elementary school, teachers should prepare their learners for their current and future life in an increasingly globalized world. This world is dominated by complex connections and tasks. For children to be able to gain the necessary and fundamental insights these complex topics, such as mobility, sustainability and climate change,...
Postgrad Masterclass Fair 2018
Raffles City Convention Centre
February 10, 2018
The Postgraduate Masterclass Fair 2018 (9th Edition) aims to help professionals gain an insight into how postgraduate education can help with their career progression and personal development. The Postgrad Masterclass Fair will consist of : 23 x Exhibition Booths where you can speak to the schools on the curriculum and course. 10 x one Hour...
Enabling Faster Interbank Payments with Distributed Ledger Technology
SMU School of Social Sciences
March 16, 2018
As FinTech continues to gain momentum, distributed ledger technology (DLT) shows tremendous potential in revolutionizing interbank payments processing. Bank of Canada’s Jasper, European Central Bank and Bank of Japan’s Stella, and MAS’s Ubin projects are recent examples of central banks experimenting with DLT in payment clearing and settlement. The key implementation challenges include preserving transactional...
NUS ISS Deep Learning Masterclass on Computer Vision
NUS Institute of Systems Science
January 29, 2018
This Masterclass will give participants an update on the latest advances in Deep Learning from the industry perspective and more significantly provides a practical jumpstart into Deep Learning using Deep Neural Networks in computer vision applications. Key Takeaways Gain a practical understanding about Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Network and Network Architectures. Learn & Apply Convolutional...