Business Events

Career Fast Track: Opportunities In Data Analytics & Data Science
SMU School of Law
May 18, 2018
Singapore’s premier social innovation conference returns as We⁴ Singapore Management University hosts the return of Social iCon, a biennial event from the Lien Centre for Social Innovation, to celebrate women championing innovation in four key areas of society: education, environment, employment and economic inclusion. This flagship one-day conference, We⁴, invites the SMU community and general public to engage...
ESSEC EMBA Speaker Series: How to attract, retain and develop millennials?
ESSEC Business School
April 26, 2018
Millennials are tech-savvy, adaptable, and creative. However, they have a unique set of expectations and demands: more than a paycheck, they want a sense of pride and fulfillment from their work, a purpose and importantly a company whose values match their own. In this presentation, Victoria Bethlehem, Head of Human Resources -Asia Pacific with The Adecco...
NUS MAD Talk: Philip Yeo Innovation Fellows Programme
National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC)
April 25, 2018
The Philip Yeo Initiative (PYI) is a ground-up movement, administered by NUS Enterprise, to honour Mr Philip Yeo’s contributions and to create a platform for him to develop people and talent. A maverick, in over 40 years of public service, his unique brand of leadership has been codenamed by his protégé as MAD (Make A Difference). The...
Tech Career Meetup & Demo Day
Microsoft Asia
April 11, 2018
Are you worried you don’t have what it takes to learn up-to-date tech skills? Have you been excited to learn something new, only to give up the commitment a week later? This April, we invite you to learn the science of learning fast and effectively in today’s digital age. Our speakers include: Youchi Kuo, COO...
NTU Talk – ​From Banker to Author
The Trantor, Lee Wee Nam Library
February 28, 2018
​Join us for this talk where former investment banker Stephanie Suga Chen will share about her life-changing career switch from a banker to a bestselling author. Please register here.