Improving Productivity and Enhancing Careers with Phonetics

What is this programme about?

One of the more common comments adults give after learning phonetics is that this skill should have been taught in schools. That is how powerful they feel phonetics is in building the foundation of speech. And the benefits of speaking well are immense. When we speak well, something magical happens. We become instantly more engaging, more interesting, more influential and eventually, more successful.

We communicate with a global audience

Many of today’s business meetings take place in conference calls. With an international audience, we often struggle to understand the different accents. Speaking well and clearly allows us to get the right message and instructions to everyone.

When productivity matters to us

When we do not speak well, here’s what happens:

  • We get follow-up questions, adding unnecessary work for us.
  • Our message gets misunderstood and errors occur as a result.

In both situations, productivity suffers and along with it, our competitiveness.

Speaking well increases clarity of our thought

When we consciously speak clearly, it also stimulates the way we plan our story. When clarity of thought and delivery becomes a habit, we start to become more effective communicators.

We get the important assignments

When it comes to must-win presentations, our bosses often give the job to the best presenters. Speaking well puts you into that pool of great presenters and allows you to build a more successful career.

In this 2-hour talk, Joseph explains what phonetics consists of and how when we use consonant and vowel sounds accurately, we instantly become clearer and more influential. He will also showcase a few vowel and consonant phonetic symbols to demonstrate how easy it is to learn and use them.

What does it cover?

At the end of this workshop, participants will:

  1. Become more aware of phonetics as the builder of foundation of proper speech.
  2. Understand how to read and write selected phonetic symbols in actual words.
  3. Assess for themselves how proficient they are today with speaking and decide what they must do to become more proficient.

Who is it suitable for?

This programme is for professionals in:

  • Adult Education: trainer, coach, facilitator, educator
  • Training Management: training manager, business development manager, training consultant
  • Human Capital Management: human resource specialist, learning & development manager, organizational planner, training manager, consultant
  • Those in sales, customer service and relationship management
  • Those in management/leadership positions

About the Speaker

Joseph Wong (Mr)

Principal Consultant | Delapro

Joseph spent 36 years with Standard Chartered Bank before deciding to leave in 2015 to pursue his personal goals in life “while I am still healthy”. Among the roles he held in what was his only and most passionate career were:
  • Business re-engineering
  • Quality management
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • System design and training
  • Global sales proposal
  • Digital learning

In his role as Director in an international bank, he helmed the global proposal writing team in the Transaction Banking division and spearheaded the digital learning programme in the capacity of developer and training consultant.


Joseph started his own training company Delapro ( in 2015 with the aim of putting his vast knowledge and experience to good use. He obtained his ACTA certificate in September 2016 and has since also got his Phonetics Workshop (CRS-N-0041012) onto the approved list of courses offered under SkillsFuture Credit. Joseph has dedicated all of 2017 to educating as many people in Singapore as possible to speak better English through learning phonetics and intends to continue this drive in 2018.


Joseph has also written his first book for children titled I’m So Ready For Life, which launched in August 2017. He believes that in order for today’s children to be better prepared for a digital future, they need to understand how the real world works a lot earlier in their lives. His three-book series teaches economics, leadership and decision-making to children. He believes that children are capable of learning anything so long as the language is right.

Improving Productivity and Enhancing Careers with Phonetics
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